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Review of The Aledan PSION



The Aledan Psion, Christine Myers

When Michelle Marlow, a latent telepath, first touched Hankura Narcaza’s mind when they were children, he barely knew what psi-mates were. But as an adult he could no longer deny their connection. When she is nearly killed in a street fight on the dystopian Earth of the distant future, Hankura knows he must go there and find her for his soul to ever know peace, no matter that it could very well cost him his life
Compelled by his family to return to Aledus, Hankura takes Michell with him. Life on Aledus is complicated by family dynamics and discriminatory laws against psions. Life on Aledus for the psi-mates is more difficult than they ever dreamed. 
The Aledan Psion is a science fiction tale with a twist as it has a prominent theme of romance… a very compelling theme I may add! The themes woven throughout this book are quite naturally sensational; Christine Myers manages to weave ideas I never thought would be able to mesh well but she does so in the most sound of ways, and this characteristic is just one of the many concepts that make The Aledan Psion so remarkable.

The Aledan Psion follows the male protagonist of the novel, Hankura Narcaza, a young man who we meet as he wakes from a nightmare that involves an exceptional young woman called Michelle Marlow. Michelle Marlow is a telepath and over twenty years ago, she mind-linked with Hankura because she felt a connection that she could not shake. Hankura, despite being older is still connected with Michelle so when he awakes from a terrifying nightmare, one that panics him he knows he must do something. In his dream he envisions Michelle, only Michelle is not safe and is in fact in grave danger… or is she? In his vision, he feels Michelle needing him and it unsettles him as something does not feel right and so he must embark on a dangerous mission to find and help Michelle before it is too late.

The reader will be taken on a breathtaking journey to a dystopian Earth in which crime is rife and back again to Aledus. The result is an extremely engaging, fast-paced journey that will take readers on a voyage through space and time and this book lovers, is the general premise of the outstanding tale that is The Aledan Psion.

The story of The Aledan Psion is one that delighted me early on, and I believe this is down to the expressive powers courtesy of the excellent author, Christine Myers and her flawless creation of both Hankura and Michelle. When I first started to read this book, I was lost in Hankura’s easy to read but in-depth narrative. Hankura’s personalty jumped right off the page and into my heart, and I knew from that point onwards that I was invested in his story, but also the general plot of the book.

Christine Myers is a force to be reckoned with because she has accomplished the impossible… a brilliant science fiction, romantic tale that is not cheesy! Sadly, I read a lot of sci-fi romance novels that are generic and lackluster so to read a book that manages to blend the two themes supremely is phenomenal and I have Myers to thank for this. Not only is Myers an expert at weaving ideas, she is also extraordinary at developing the world of Aledus and the world of dystopian Earth to an incredible amount and placing the reader right in it. The reader will be able to entirely set themselves in the futuristic worlds and the result is pure excitement and awe.

As The Aledan Psion is a dramatic science fiction tale with hints of romance laced throughout, I have no choice but to award this brilliant book a stellar Five Stars! So please, if you are looking for an exceptional science fiction tale then read this book and get lost in an incredible world!
Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on The Aledan Psion; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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Special Promotion and Recent Releases

Thank you everyone who bought my books this past year. The Kindle versions the Aledan Series Box set and Psion's Children are on sale at holiday prices through February and free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Meanwhile, I am working on a new Cyborg science fiction romance series set in the Aledan Universe on Earth at the end of the Procyon War 800 years before Psion.

As an Indie or self-published author, I have joined a cross promotional group and am now sharing  special promotions that include my books.  They will give you the opportunity to get other books in the SFR genre and other romance genres.

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Here are some other books by my friends that I have read and enjoyed. I have linked them to their AMAZON Author Page because a couple of them haven't been released yet.

Clarissa Lake

T.J. Quinn

Go to the Author's Page above for the latest releases.

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An Aledan Series Short Spin-Off

NOW AVAILABLE! The Deserter: Orin Hart was genetically engineered to be a super soldier for the Tregan Empire. His embryo was implanted in an unwilling host mother who fled the program. She bore him and raised him as though he were her natural child. But the Tregans came for him 24 years later and tried to make him serve the Empire by raiding Federation colonies. When it came time to choose sides, Orin Hart chose with his heart. 

"Orin Hart was genetically engineered to be a super soldier his embryo implanted in an unwilling host mother who escaped the Tregan breeding program before he was born. She carried him to term and raised him with her husband to be a farmer, loving him as though he were their own naturally conceived offspring. They escaped when the Tregans came for him. Already a full grown man, they tried to make him a killer.

Orin Hart never wanted to kill anyone until he saw how they tortured and murdered innocent people on the colonial worlds they raided. Only when they were about to murder an unarmed woman and a little boy did he finally raise his rifle, but he killed them instead. The woman and boy got away in a damaged hovercraft. Orin followed because he knew they wouldn't get far.

He didn't know what kind of future he would have after what he had done. Now he was free, with nothing left to lose. There was one good think he could do with however long he had left. He could make sure the woman and boy would survived after what he'd done to save them.

Would they accept his help? After all, he wore the same uniform as the other men who were trying to kill them? It wouldn't stop him from trying."

The Deserter is a 15,000 word novelette written on the same timeline as my novel Surviving Zevus Mar. It is a parallel story that intersects with Hankura's and Chelle's experiences on Zevus Mar. It is not necessary to have read the novel or the series to enjoy this work. While some of the material presented in The Deserter appears in the novel, scenes and additional information has been added to help the story stand alone.

Look for The Deserter at my Amazon soon. Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited

Thank you for reading.

Christine Myers

Copyright © 2017
All Rights Reserved

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Boxset Release Newsletter


PSION-Aledan Series Book One -  Dual Promotion

The complete Aledan Series is Free on Kindle Unlimited. On December 1st PSION will be available for one day only for 99c on an Amazon Countdown Deal. It is also part of a special promotion of  science fiction and fantasy romance organized by Lisa Blackwood.

Dear Readers:

I want to tell you about the release of the Aledan Series Boxset, Books 1-4. It is FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited or $5.99 to buy for Kindle. That's four books for the price of two, but it's only available for Kindle or any device that can run the free Kindle Ap from Amazon.
Below are a couple new books from by my friends that you might also enjoy. I have read them both and the romance sizzles.

Thanks for reading.

Christine Myers

Earth was attacked by the Taucets, an alien race, determined to steal the planet from us. Forced to fight against a powerful enemy, humans created the cyborgs: enhanced human warriors, but they soon forgot about the human part of these powerful warriors.

Enslaved by the humans and forced to act against their will, the cyborgs quickly rebelled and started to escape the human’s oppression. Rafaroy is one of them. Helped by a human woman, he escapes during the invasion from a Taucets’colony, but gets injured on his way out.

Elena, a human female enslaved by the Taucets, uses the attack on the colony she’s in, to escape both the humans and the Taucets, just to fall prisoner of the sensuous cyborg she bumps into on her escape. They go through a journey not only of escape but also of self-knowledge as they act on the potent attraction between them.

Lieutenant Commander Pyrron Advantu, right hand man and friend to Commander General Maktu of the Farseek Brigade is a man used to getting what he wants as are the men and women of the Farseek Brigade. Until their world was left in ruin they were the Transtellar Consortium’s most elite and formidable warriors. Each of their ten dreadnaught starships carried a dual force of star warriors and ground fighters.

Outraged that the Consortium knew of the attack on Farseek and kept that knowledge from the Brigade fighting for them on a distant front, the Farseek warriors withdrew from the Consortium to become the Farseek Mercenaries. The high paying rescue of a world governor’s daughter and her companion was their first mission. A mission they took to finance the search for their stolen people. Only they didn’t just rescue the two people. They rescued 100 women stolen from their worlds including four from Earth.

The last thing Commander Maktu expected was to find his solmatu or soulmate among them---nor did Pyrr Avantu. Although the timing was all wrong, nothing had ever felt so right. What kind of life could they make together in the face of the mission they had sworn to complete? Would he live to return to Farseek to make a home with the woman who claimed his heart and soul? Or were these blissful times in her arms all they would ever have?

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Earlier this year I had debated whether to draft the fifth book in the Aledan Series. Then I revised and re-branded the series with new book covers and new scenes. I also published a free prequel to tell Hankura and Chelle’s stories from the beginning.

Now I have completed Psion’s Children, the fifth book in the Aledan Series:

Jamerin Narcaza was the strongest human psion alive. They called him the Promised One; his mission was to free the Psions of Aledus.Only the Wholaskans of Velran were strong enough to control him, so they taught him to control himself by following the strict Psion Code of Ethics.

Because he revered the Wholaskans Jamerin adhered to those principals until he met her. Parei was his psi-mate, and they were going to take her away. That's when he went against everything he had been taught to control his parents' minds and make them let Parei stay.

How could a boy so bad be destined to perform a task so honorable? Can the Wholaskan's reform him where his parents can't? Will he destroy their minds like his grandmother nearly had years before he was born?

Can he really free the minds of Aledus?

Pre Order Psion's Children Starting NOW Release date November 15th.

Excerpt from Psion’s Children:

Three children were not so happy to be coming back to Oltarin: Jamerin, his sister Lara and Parei.
“We are psi-mates,” Jamerin said to Parei. “We will be life mates.  We should stay together.”
“And you’re my best friend,” Lara added.  They were alone in the tiny playroom of the Sential Trader.
“And you both are my best friends,” Parei replied.  She and Jamerin were eight and Lara was five. “But Mommy says we are too young.  We have to be grown up to be life mates.”
“Our parents said the same thing,” said Jamerin. “But, I already knew that. Mesgar told me. He knew we would meet and said that we would be together forever---someday. But I want it to be now so we can play and do school, ride our horses, and have fun together.”
“I know,” Parei sighed. “I want that, too. But we can’t.  Mommy said that your Dad told her we will still be connected in our dreams when we are apart---like your dad and mom.”
“That’s not enough,” Jamerin asserted. “We can take you with us, and they won’t even know you’re gone.  I know how we can do it...”

“Parei is so upset.  I don’t know what to do,” Rona mused.  “She wants us to let her stay on Oltarin with Jamerin.  They’re only eight. I don’t want to be apart from her that long. We only come around here every two years.”
“We feel the same way,” Chelle said. “Jamerin and Lara are upset too.”
“We reminded him of Mesgar’s teachings and told him about our psi-mating,” said Hankura.  “Chelle and I never met face to face until twenty years after we touched minds. I even shared the memories with him. He said it was different because we didn’t get to spend six months playing together and then get split apart.”
“He’s right,” Chelle agreed.  “We were never quite real to each other until we met.”
“So, what do we do?” Parei’s mother asked. “Put them into stasis until they turn eighteen?”
“That would only solve one problem and restrict their natural development,” Hankura said with a rueful grin. “We could sedate them for a few days to give them time to adjust to the separation.”
“What about stasis for just a couple months?” Captain Otian, Parei’s stepfather, suggested.
“Their separation anxiety would still feel just as fresh as it does now,” Chelle said. “Mild sedation could take the edge off. Then after a few days taper it and encourage them to connect with telepathy.  Psi-mates can do that.”
“We should start the meds today since we only have three days until we touch down.  I’ll bring you enough for a few days before we turn in tonight.” Hankura said.
“I don’t think we have a choice,” Parei’s mother said.  “They can’t be together for ten more years.  It’s bad enough they will only see each other every two years---but Otian’s life---our life is out there. She gestured toward the stars.”
“It will be fine,” Chelle told her, “this is different than for Hankura and me.  They have us to take care of them until they can be together.  It will give them something to look forward to.”…..

Hankura, what are we going to do? They won’t let us in, and we can’t make them. Everything was going fine until they met Parei.

I know. It was bad timing all around. They’ve had six months to bond, and now we want to separate them, and they are resisting---punishing us for keeping them apart.

Should we have let Jamerin stay with Parei?  They’re only eight---not ready for a psi-mate bond.

We can’t break the psi-mate bond….

We wouldn’t if we could.

Perhaps we can convince him to put it away for when he is older.

First, we must get him to listen to us, and neither Jamerin nor Lara are letting us in right now. And he is stronger than both of us combined.

This was damned bad timing for psi-mating.  Everything was under control until this. I think we should sedate them at bedtime for the next few days and then try to reason with them. We can’t force them to do anything. Medication is a temporary solution. Jamerin must remember that psi-mating is for mating and having children which must wait until he is an adult. He’s years from puberty, I doubt he is motivated by the mating instinct.  I never felt it until I became sexually active at nineteen.  Only then did I start having sex dreams about you.

But we never met face to face as children. There was no time for the bond to strengthen before you were whisked away to Velran.

This was so unexpected. We shouldn’t have let them spend the last six months together. Then, how long would we have waited for another transport back to Oltarin? Besides, we already have millions invested in the Sential Trader.

…And been through so much with Otian and the rest of the crew. They are our friends. They came back to Velran just for us.

We should have foreseen the problem we’re facing now.

We just wanted to come home.

And here we are.

Jamerin and Lara were apparently asleep when the hovercraft set down at their mountain home.  They were still blocking their parents’ telepathy so they couldn’t be sure.  It was past their bedtime.  Orin Hart, the big Tregan they’d saved on Zevus Mar was waiting just inside the hoverport when they touched down. He carried Jamerin, Hankura carried Lara, and Chelle carried baby Calan into the house to put them to bed. They had been dressed in comfortable lounging clothes in anticipation they would fall asleep before arriving home.

Hankura and Chelle decided to administer the sedatives to blunt their emotions temporarily until they could resolve the issue of separating Jamerin from his psi-mate.  Once they put their children to bed, they fell into bed exhausted. They didn’t discover anything amiss until breakfast the next morning.

Neither Hankura nor Chelle surprised that Jamerin and Lara didn’t wake up to share the morning meal with them due to the sedative administered.  It was Orin Hart’s question that puzzled them.

“Where is your hovercraft?”

“It’s not in the port?” Hankura frowned.

“Nope.” Orin shook his head.

“But everyone is here. Lara and Jamerin are still asleep,” Chelle said.

“Did you check on them?” Orin asked.

“I did,” Hankura said. “Go see for yourself,” he added, suddenly not so sure he saw what he thought he saw.

Orin nodded and strode down the hallway, stopping first at Jamerin’s room then Lara’s. “They aren’t here,” he called back. 

Both Hankura and Chelle jumped up from the table and ran to their children’s rooms.  They saw two beds occupied with sleeping children.  “Orin, they’re right there,” Hankura insisted.

Orin shook his head, uncertainly. “They are not.”

Though he couldn’t read the Tregan’s thoughts, he could tell by his facial expression that he wasn’t joking.  Hankura went and looked again into Jamerin’s room and still saw his sleeping son in the bed.  He blinked and shook his head, but the vision didn’t change.  He knew that Chelle was seeing Lara sleeping in her room. A frisson of fear crept up and down their spines as they suspected what was happening.


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November Aledan Series Newsletter


Dear Readers:

Thank you for interest in the Aledan Series.

Psion's Children, Book 5 of the Aledan Series is scheduled for Pre-Sale on November 1st and release on November 15th. This will probably be the steamiest of the series yet, just to let you know in case that's not your thing.

Since I am writer, editor, and publisher of this series, I need some beta readers to read this book with a fresh eye to catch any errors I missed and to make sure I have told a good story before it goes to publication.

I want to know whether you like or don't like the book and why so I know if I need revisions before the book goes public.

While not necessary, it would be helpful for you to have read Psion Factor.

Those who volunteer, will receive a free eBook copy of the book and a chance to receive a hard copy of of the final edit of Psion's Children.

To join my Beta Team, just send me an email at the address below and I will send you the Instafreebie link to claim your copy Psion's Children.


Christine Myers


Find them all at AMAZON

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Self Publishing Blues

It's always a disappointment when someone gives your precious work a negative review. It's even worse when it's deserved. My most recent mishap was with my "Oltarin" novel.  The reviewer panned my novel due to grammar errors.

So I went back and checked the file. Groan! The reviewer was right. I wrote parts of the book with voice recognition software. So there were enough errors to be annoying. The person didn't even comment on the story.  Had they contacted me instead, I would have corrected it for them and republished. I have corrected and republished, but that is no guarantee I got them all.

I am a decent proof reader, but of other people's work. My own is another story. But I'm in this alone, so I got a Grammarly software subscription to help. (If you don't buy a subscription you can only proof short works for free.)

However, I got the subscription after I published Oltarin. Some readers are probably wondering why I don't hire a proof reader. I would love to have one, but the price is out of my reach. Some years writing barely pays for itself. For many years it didn't pay at all. So I do the best I can by myself.

If you read one of my books and find errors, contact me with the locations of those errors, I will see that you get a corrected eBook Plus my next eBook FREE .

Christine Myers

Contact Me